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The pain of watching your valuables destroyed... Allah's promises in these times of test

Oh My dear, I can’t imagine your pain as you watched everything that you own being destroyed I can’t imagine your pain as you woke up to find all your valuables soiled I can’t imagine, But I can tell you this: Allah never takes something without replacing it with something better (8:70) , So oh my dear, just hold on to this , for Allah’s promise is true, every word and every letter Allah never burdens a soul beyond what it can bear (2:286) So oh my dear, remember this, in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel like you can’t go on, remember that HE WHO created you, cares For your house that got destroyed, a palace of gold and silver is awaiting you in Jannah For your couch that got destroyed, a silk and brocade one is awaiting you in Jannah, For your car that got destroyed, a Buraq is waiting for you at the Pul- Siraat Oh my dear Every drop of water you had to scoop out of your home and every tear that you shed, will be part of your river in Jannah Allah is the provider, Allah is the sustainer, So oh my dear, When the questions begin to rise in your mind, “How will I ever replace this, how will I ever recover?” Allay your fears and quell your doubts by remembering this: Allah provides for the black ant on a black rock in the darkness of the night Allah WILL COMPENSATE you by HIS grandeur and His might Oh My dear You can cry, you can weep, you can mourn But at the end of the day, let this Make you long for Our eternal home even more This life is but a test, of wealth, of health, of difficulty in every facet of life But remember one thing, Allah is always there, through every rough patch, and every strife Allah is in control of the movement of every reed and every leaf And He is the Guardian of those Who believe (2:257)

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