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Umm Abbad. Mother of A Great Worshipper

The name Umm Abbad is my Title meaning Mother of A Great Worshipper.Falling pregnant after thirteen years allowed me to shift my perspective in learning and imparting islamic knowledge. Living in the South American continent for the past nine years has given me a unique understanding of the importance of an attachment to Islamic Knowledge from the source of the Qur'an. In a world faced with so many challenges we women have to keep our Knowledge and practice of Deen as our armour and our guide. UMM ABBAD is my personal title ,but every one of us in reality are Mothers of children that we would love to be Great Worshippers of Allah.Our focus is in creating courses, articles and workshops that are designed to challenge, educate and create a deep spirituality in your journey to Allah. Our guides and manuals and teaching workshops all serve to assist you in understanding the Holy Quran. 

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Prayer Services

Qur'an Bootcamps

Bootcamp 1:

The four themes of Suratul Mulk in understanding the majesty of Allah 
Bootcamp 2:

The parallel world of the Unseen of Suratul Waqiah 
Bootcamp 3:

The life of the Grave and Surah Yaseen
Bootcamp Four:

The Favours of Allah in Suratur Rahman 

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Islamic Book

يا قرآني قربني إليك
Oh’ my Quraan Bring me closer to You

These videos air live weekly on YouTube.

Join us every Friday evening as we get closer to the Quraan, focusing on often repeated words in the Quran and the impact on your Recitation and Faith.

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IGtv mini series

Courses offered: 
1. Tarteel & Tadabbur - Allowing our Quranic Recitation to penetrate our hearts. 
2. Navigating the world of the Unseen 
3. At- Taajirah : The Muslim female Entrepreneur
4. Quratu Aini : The coolness of my eyes. My salaah series
5. Worship with Understanding the Command of Allah . 

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Shakirah Hunter
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