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Umm Abbad Academy Teaching Workshops 

We offer the following workshops that can be catered to the needs of your Madrassah or organisation. 

1. The Intersection of Academia and Spirituality : The spiritual development of the teacher vs the importance of Academic study and professionalism in teaching Deen. 

2. Using your voice effectively in a classroom as well as in Islamic public speaking. The importance of tone, wording and choice of language as a teacher of Deen. 


3. Teaching Oral subjects with a lifetime connection to the words of Allah and His Rasul. & Learning by Association - This workshop combats the repeated mistakes that children make constantly and is common in every classroom. 


4. Effective board use and it's impact on memorization  & Incorrect techniques that hinder the development of the learner in oral subjects 


5. Developing continuous learning - the intersection of subjects and grades as well as subjects. 


6. The growth mindframe in teaching Deen - focusing on the differences of each student and developing the teacher to cater to the different spiritual needs of each learner. 


7. Teaching Qur'aan workshops : How to incorporate Tajweed and Tarteel with Tadabbur. Refocusing the teaching of Qur'aan to bring forward the deeper connection found within the Qur'anic text. The objective of this workshop is to equip the teacher to build the spirituality of her students in changing her manner of recitation and to integrate tajweed with tarteel and then with tadabbur. 


8. Basic Teaching Workshops: 
* Teaching Qaida part One 
*Teaching Qaida Part Two 
* Teaching Tajweed and Qur'aan through games and symbols 
* Teaching Written Maktab Subjects effectively 
*Teaching Oral Maktab Subjects effectively

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