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Supporting your child through the Hifz Journey

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Respected Sisters

Last Saturday,I was honored to have met seventy sisters in person and almost a hundred sisters online , all meeting for one purpose only. The desire and quest to allow their children to deeply bond to the words of Allah. We found like minded women ,all driving their kids to hifz , picking them up , having snacks ready, waking them up on time to ensure that sabaq is revised- all with the focus of bringing them close to Allah.

It was inspiring. Overwhelming. And beautiful. This dedication to the Kalaam of Allah. We spent our morning honoring this dedication to assist our mothers and sisters who play such an incredible role in the hifz journey of their children. We ask Allah to accept and make it a means of guidance and acceptance.

The Hifz challenges faced by our learners are multifold yet extremely similar where ever they may be.

At the root of our discussion we look at how memorising styles impacts the ability of the student to memorise. We look at the reason that attachment to meaning is so incredibly important in the journey of hifz.

We unpack how the mind works and how the mutashaabihaat can create confusion in the memory process.

Unlearning mistakes can lead to tears and ugly marks in the Quran - it is incredibly important that as our children learn they are unlearning mistakes and creating deep attachments in their connection to the words of Allah.

Mindfulness and creating connections are key elements in understanding the Kalaam of Allah. Lapbooks and Journaling, taking time to journal are ways to engage the mind and allow the learner to fall in love with the meaning and messages of the Holy Qur'an.

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