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We have designed a softcover notebook for the student of Ilmud-Deen. 
This is a: 

96page soft cover 
A4 book full color. 
Each book has the following : 

  • The VIRTUES of Knowledge 
  • Advice to the seeker of knowledge 
  • A page for intentions of ilm 
  • A page for your duas and struggles in the path of knowledge 
  • 12 Monthly Muhasaba pages to keep you focused
  • 72 pages to write your class notes : each page has a Bismillah, a place for the date and subject name in Arabic a quote on the value of ilm by the pious predecessors, a prophetic dua for knowledge , a place to doodle your  salawaat as you take notes and  an A4 page of lines to write your notes clearly

Softcover notebook for the student of Ilmud-Deen

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