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Worshipping Allah whilst embracing Womanhood

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Woman have been given the unique ability to multitask, to do a million things whilst juggling a mental load that can only be described as breathtaking . Every woman moves through the seasons of life,facing physical pain , personal development and most importantly constant growth. Every woman has a strength that is wrapped in beauty and in femininity. Yet as a woman evolves and her many roles evolve, it becomes very easy to place our responsibilities ahead of our own self development and ibadah . The mental load of running a home, often times juggling a business or work and children can often lead to our spiritual depletion. In the balancing act that is life it is often ibadah that is the first to be neglected.

Haajir عليها السلام epitomises the balancing act that is a woman. Her story mirrors our own struggles so clearly. To perform Salaah as we struggle with our children needing us . To recite Quraan when the dinner needs to be attended to. We often delay our ibadah so that we can complete our mountain loads of task. Yet Haajir as in those moments of movement , highlighted to us a different way to worship Allah even as she strained her self physically and emotionally.

Running between two mountains. Searching for water to feed her son,she ran and prayed. Duas and tawakkul propelled her movement. Her focus was Allah. Yet her heart and soul all the while being connected to Allah but her responsibility to her child didn't leave her. She ran and when she came to a section wherein she could not see her beloved son ,she hastened her pace. She moved to the top of the mountain , deep in submission to Allah yet all the while still a mother. Her actions , a search for water was so deeply tied to her faith and tawakkul of Allah that it has been an intrinsic part of our Umrah and Hajj.

We often are waiting for that perfect moment for our ibaadah. A moment when my to do list is clear,when the kids are asleep or napping. When I have completed cooking. Or when the kids are old enough to give me space. We are always waiting and delaying ibaadah to a perfect time . As a woman you never stop moving. You never stop thinking. Your focus is always your family's needs.

Your ibadah is your lifeline and has to be at the centre of your day. You are constantly giving. Giving love and hugs and attention and your mental energy. Therefore your ibadah has to be constant. Your Ibadah can never be placed at the back burner once the kids are asleep. Nor can it be rushed .

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