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Servitude in Worship

وما كان ربك بظلام للعبيد

It has been three months since I made the decision to not have a helper in my home. People thought I was crazy with the amount of business and responsibility i have , in both personal and work life. Prior to this decision I had a helper who was perfect at her job. She cleaned to perfection and made decisions for me ,before I even expressed the need. My husband could not understand why I would let her go. For a lack of better word , she was the perfect "servant".We don't use this word to Address our helpers as describing a relationship between humans with this word is degrading- for man can only be in service to Allah. In coming to this decision my reasoning was only one. My helper had begun to serve in the manner that she felt would best suite her needs. She cleaned and did everything I needed but suddenly she began directing to me on what would be easier for her. Times that suited her , jobs that I needed in that exact moment, she would delay as it did not suite her schedule. At first in an effort not to react to the situation I would joke with her saying ,it looks like I have misunderstood ,and in reality she was my boss and I actually worked for her. We would laugh and carry one. But it became worse and worse , until in fear of losing my temper I asked my husband to let her go. For three months I could not understand why I made that decision ,until I heard this absolutely mind-blowing statement that Allah so succinctly places in the Quraan so that we can understand our own positions in relation to His Might. Allah says وما كان ربك بظلام للعبيد "It is not appropriate that Allah oppresses the devout servant who worships in total servitude." ‌The word عبيد is the complete exaggeration of the understanding of a servant. One who understands in completion that in the relation between you and Allah , your position is that of Understanding your servitude.

Understanding that there are different types of servants. There are those who simply work for a paycheck. Those who simply fulfill the requirements ,the mere basics and then switches of when not required. Then there are other who stay with one employer for life. Those who give their life in service. There are those who die in service ,those who understand that loyalty and dedication mean more than their paycheck . When Allah speaks about his worshippers there are different words that he uses. He has general workers and then there are those who understand their relationship of complete humility to A Rabb that His Sheer Majesty Demands it.

This word عبد is scattered throughout the Quraan , and each statement Is a banner to draw attention to the unique relationship of the عبد to His Rabb

Allah describes the special qualities of his special Ibaad saying وعباد الرحمان الذين يمشون على الأرض هونا.... And the special servants of the Most Merciful . He goes on to Describe in detail the distinct qualities that allow these servants to have the title of ibaadur Rahman.

They traverse the earth in humility. They are dignified in their response to the ignorance of people. They spend their nights standing in extreme humility and prostrating in subjugation. They are constantly placing their needs to Allah in supplication understanding that it is only Allah who fulfills their needs. They float through life never entangling themselves in idle chatter and chitchat. They constantly express their desire to be leaders to the mutaqeen.

When we stand in prayer to Allah, we repeatedly read the Al Fatiha. We begin our prayer in total praise of Allah and Allah responds حمدني عبدي My servant has praised me . Can you hear the intense love. The intense pride in this statement? Lowering your self to His Greatness ,subjugating yourself to His desires grants you the stamp of uboodiya . Worship in total servitude.

On the Day of Qiyamah as the loyal journey between the عبد and His رب comes to a full circle. When the years of servitude and worship in totality Allah will say, يا عبادي لا خوف عليكم اليوم ولا أنتم تحزنون Oh my Ibaad ,my special servants today there will be no fear placed upon you and you will not grieve.

This word عبد means a servant yet it also means worship. The objective is to become worshippers who worship in understanding the servitude to the extreme Power of his Rabb .

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