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How Shaitan shifts your attention from the focus of a Pandemic

A Pandemic like every other sickness or trial comes to a believer as a beautiful reminder. A reminder that this world has been created in a manner that is never perfect. Every moment is swept away by another moment ,and no need is fulfilled In completion. Your happy times are always then covered with difficult ones. Your days of wealth and comfort are always followed by days of difficulty. Your days of health are always followed by days of sickness. This is the design of this world. It has been created in a manner that no moment lasts forever and every moment is designed to test you and focus you only to the Hereafter.This is highlighted to us Suratur A'ala

وللاخرة خير وأبقى

"And it is without a doubt that the Hereafter is better and is more permanent in nature"

This Pandemic is without a doubt under the control of Allah. It is most certainly a huge test of Allah. It serves the purpose to test faith and test our reactions. Yet Shaytaan has used this Pandemic to focus our attention in every direction besides the aakhirah.

He has once again whispered and moved our attention from the objective of the test.He has allowed us to focus on the what ifs and argue the data or the conspiracy theories and in so doing he does not allow you to see one thing that is so clear.

الموت حق

Death is a Certainty

المرض عذر ولاكن الموت حق

Sickness is simply an excuse but Death is a complete certainty

1. Shaitan focuses your mind on the numbers.and statistics so that you lose hope in Allah.

2. Shaitan focuses your attention only on your suffering and your pain. He makes you question why did this happen to you and your family. He whispers to you that the nurses were incompetent, he repeats the word لو "if only ". You begin to blame and analyse every moment thinking that if you had only done such and such you would be saved. Shaitan is aware that such thoughts open the doors of the fire of Jahannam,so he whispers to you and fills you with guilt.

3. Shaitaan focuses your attention to the media and either makes you have complete faith in governments or total disbelief in everything you hear. He pits you into two camps. But it doesn't matter which camp you fall in. His goal is only to get you to focus on your own knowledge. His objective is to build your faith in your own knowledge. His focus is for your to fight each other, and this only keeps you from preparing for the aakhirah.

4. Shaitan promises you that you will be free and happy again once this is all over. And in so doing he makes you believe that this is not a test from Allah and you pass the days watching series in mindless hours. He promises you at the same time that this will never end and then you lose hope and lose yourself in hourse of mindless series . Either way he has turned you away from the reality of this test.

5. Shaitaan promises you that this disease only affects the aged and those with underlying conditions. He makes you feel safe. He promised you that your health and youthfulness will assist you. He allows you to fall into the deception that death is a certainty. No matter the age ,the country or health.

6. Shaitan takes the means that we have been given to protect us from this test and makes it a weapon of arguement. He makes us debate whether to mask or not to mask. To gather or not to gather. He makes us pull up facts and numbers on medication and drugs and vaccines . He pits usagainst each other- into those who vaccinate and those.who don't. We think we are fighting each other, when in reality he has made us all focus on the means and forget that the means has no power without the Creator.

As we bear this test. As we navigate a test that we have never ever experienced in our entire lives, we have to remember that Shaitaan is our real enemy, he never rests and is aware that a Mumin can reach the highest of stages through the test of this pandemic.

ان الشيطان لكم عدوا فاتخذوه عدوا

Therefore he has upped his game and is working in full swing to make you forget only one thing :

Death is the only Certainty.

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