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Allah(swt) Perfect Plan

Dear Sisters The human body is a marvellous machine, built by Allah Azzawajal to function in a most fascinating way. “…verily We have created you from dust, then from a nutfah, then from a clot …..22:5” From a collection of cells that all look the same to, to a tubular structure that twists and turns to precisely form … the stomach, the spine, the brain and the behind … the heart and the soul, the muscles and the bones … and all the parts that make you and I. Every intricate piece of the machine is in place at the end of 12 weeks except the soul. A mere four weeks later, this seat of our consciousness ( the soul ) awakens with the Qudrat of The Most Wise,The Most Merciful. SubhanAllah. The intricacies and the precision involved in the miracle of getting “the nutfah and clot” to be a perfect human being with all its capabilities nine months later are far far beyond any description or scientific documentation ….. Allah swt gives the command “KUN“ and “IT IS “. There is no other power that gives life. “There is nothing like unto Him…”42:11 For some, Allah SWT puts His Perfect Plan into place straight away. The Blessing of having a child is theirs without having those desperate conversations about it with the All Mighty. It comes without them having the conversation with themselves about what they owe The Maker and the Child. Most often it comes about without those two people planning to be parents understanding the true commitment needed for the undertaking at hand, the silent contract they are signing - to foster and nurture the growth of another addition to the Ummah of Nabi SAW. Haza min Fadli Rabbi For others, Allah SWT’s Perfect Plan is in place and having a child can take time. It becomes an extreme sadness - the kind that wrenches every ounce of courage from their souls. It definitely involves those desperate conversations with Allah Azzawajal and with each other. This sadness has the capacity to break them as individuals. Sometimes it even breaks marriages. It makes people feel unfulfilled and depressed. They find themselves drowning in despair and they find it hard to be trusting and hopeful ( as Allah Azzawajal encourages us to be). Still in their case, as much as they can’t see it, Allah SWT’s Perfect Plan IS in place. He is giving them an opportunity to realise that they have to change themselves. That they can’t ask Him to do 500% and they do nothing to help themselves. Allah SWT’s Reward and Blessing awaits them when and if they find their way back to Him. When they acknowledge and commit to what they owe The Maker, when they pray more and give more charity, when they eat healthy foods and loose weight, when they give up smoking and drinking coke and when they come to see us , the fertility doctors , then Allah Azzawajal , The most Merciful says “KUN” and IT IS. What seemed so completely out of reach, suddenly and miraculously comes into being. Subhanallah , and the journey to parenthood is facilitated with Khair and Aafiya. Alhamdulillah. We, the Fertility Doctors, are Allah SWT’s Instruments in your fertility journey. His Perfect Plan always included us. When you asked Him Azzawajal to do 500% for you to have your baby, He needed you to put in the same amount of effort - 500%. And that 500 % included you moving out of your comfort zone and doing the hard stuff (eg. quitting smoking and coke), accepting and surrendering to His Majestic plan and using His Instruments on earth i.e. science and the people He in His Infinite Wisdom chose to teach it to. When you come to see us, we don’t aim to find out whose fault it is. We aim to kindly and respectfully optimise where we find optimal function is lacking. You were designed by The Best of Designers to have children Subhanallah. So it is your default setting. We trust THE DESIGN AND THE DESIGNER . We have hope that with Allah SWTs Qudrat and the knowledge He gave us, that we CAN help. We endeavour to help you feel less hopeless, to bring back the visions of carrying your baby - we ask you not to despair and to Trust Allah SWT because we have seen how His Mercy comes with implementing the knowledge He gave us. Allah Azzawajal in His Infinite Mercy saves you and us from putting too much trust in Insaan. Sometimes we fall into arrogance if too many people who come to our clinic fall pregnant. Allah SWT makes a fertility treatment that we were so confident about go nowhere, and a cycle we called poor gives us the best results. Sometimes you hold us as your HEROES when too many of your friends coming to us walk away with babies. Allah SWT knows our nature and our weaknesses. Subhanallah. When you need to have remembered that we are ONLY the instruments, He Azzawajal makes our cycle fail so you can see how ‘‘unreliable “ we are and thereby turn to the ONE AND ONLY who is always reliable. So you do the next cycle and view us as we should be viewed and trust only in THE TRUSTWORTHY. Not every person we see is destined by Allah SWT to have a baby. Sometimes nothing we do helps you, and you walk away surrendering to Allah SWT’s Will. You still walk away content because you did what was humanly possible and accepted what Allah Azzawajal decided for you. Now you can say not just with your tongue but with your soul that you have Tawakkal! Subhanallah. In addition, you can see the Khair in your journey because you and your spouse grew in your Imaan and the bond between the two of you was strengthened Insha Allah. Even as you can appreciate that you’re richer from your fertility journey because of your Deeni growth, remember that Allah SWT promises that when we take one step towards Him, that He will take a hundred steps to us. He has not forgotten you. He Azzawajal , in His infinite Wisdom and Mercy, can always be counted on to answer your heartfelt Duas when you least expect it. He can grant you your pious healthy child of good character who will be a Blessing to the Ummah of Nabi SAW and the coolness of your eyes because of the way you “ended “ your journey - in complete submission to His will ( Insha Allah. Ameen). This is what He Azzawajal in His infinite Wisdom will judge you by. إِنَّمَا الْأَعْمَالُ بِالْخَوَاتِيمِ And “KUN” may well be the final decree of مَالِكُ الْمُلْكِ ذُوالْجَلَالِ وَالْاِكْرَامِ Wa Aakhiroo Da’Wana Anil Hamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen. صَلَّى ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ With the utmost respect and humility Your sister on this journey Dr Razina Patel


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